Are You Happy?

An eco-theatre play performed at the Findhorn Foundation’s Cluny Hill Campus in Forres, Scotland, March 2023. Directed and written by Laura Pasetti, based on the devising of the cast themselves. Prompted by Snail who realises that humans are losing their shimmering trail, putting all of Earth under threat, four other-than-human guides (Spider, Water, Dandelion and Pigeon), lead the audience through humanity’s heart to rediscover their shimmer. In the giant heart, four scenes depicting the crisis of humanity play out.

A massive heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in bringing this show together: our dedicated devisors/actors, our on-the-ball Cluny ushers and cooks, Lesley Downey who made the fantastically creative snail costume, our stage-manager & garden guardian Karent Grant, our spirited musician Carolin Waldmann, and the amazingly inspiring Laura Pasetti who held this whole process together as director, producer & script-writer. Thank you to sharp-eyed Luca Manning for this supremely aesthetic video, as well as the photo material that he captured from the shows. And to our wonderful audience who came from our local community & further afield. A lot of love & energy into this story of snails, hearts and the future of humanity, and it truly paid off.