The Red Ball
The Red Ball 91457ACT

The Red Ball is the story of a community facing unexpected changes. It addresses the many challenges, the highs and the lows, the struggles and conflicts, the relational element to the inner and the outer that every community, all over the world, is facing. With their identity under threat will they manage to find their purpose again? This is the story of a community told by a community.

CAST (in alphabetical order)

Abdulrahman Otman – GUILT

Annie Crawford – GREEN

Claire Hayes – NARRATOR

David Edgar – BLUE

Diana Brockbank – PINK

Hanna Morjan – ORANGE

Joan Wilmot – YELLOW

Joanna Legard – OLIVE

Louis Raffael Reiss – CHILD

Raffy Tylor – BROWN

Roy Miles – PURPLE

Sylvia Robertson – MEMORY


Carolin Waldmann (coordination & original soundtrack)

Indira Dewan


Laura Pasetti


Peter Vallance


Cornelia Featherstone, Saccanama

We want to thank all the people, humans and non-humans, who, with their support, made this journey not only possible but also enjoyable: Cornelia Featherstone, Saccanama, Manuel Frenda, Ian Turnbull, Peter Vallance, Callum Bell (camera operator), Sam Shohet (camera operator), Alessandro Daboni, Mark Richards, Liza Hollingshead, Alex Wright, the Park Garden team, Green Leaf, New Findhorn Association, Findhorn Foundation, The Angel of Honesty, The Angel of Delight, The Archangel of Theatre.

This film has been created by Stefano Teodori who led the camera team and edited it in its entirety. The film was released on occasion of the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Findhorn Community.

“As we honour the Past, we meet in the Present and Together we step into the Future.”