Theatre Solo Journey
Directions 81712LP

This is an innovative creative mentoring online programme for individuals or groups 

Participants will be guided on an introspective wandering. By working on individually crafted invitations to unlock their imagination and access their creativity, they will be mentored to devise and deliver their own story using their favourite performing art form: drama, music, poetry or dance.

The Theatre Solo Journey is an adventure that starts inside and grows outside of you bringing to the surface all the hidden resources that you have and that you were not aware of. 

The Theatre Solo Journey is delivered online in 6 or 8 one-to-one sessions depending if taken individually or in a group. 

At the end of the online sessions, participants will have created a short story in the form of a monologue, a song, a poem or a dance piece containing elements and discoveries gathered during their journey.

The Solo Journey has been an inspiring and empowering experience. Over the weeks of the journey I have gained enormously in confidence and, amazingly, not only confidence working towards performing my piece but also confidence in all my dealings with the outside world.


Create a monologue? at home? using technology? It sounded daunting. As the weeks went by Laura skillfully directed and helped me to build up the character; then I had to learn, try out, do all sorts of exercises, be in and copy nature..... I have learnt so much about this character, about myself, and about theatre, and the end result, though I am still exploring her, is one I can be proud of.


The experience of the Theatre Solo Journey makes you dive into your inner self as very few things can. Going so deep into your imagination gives you the strength to believe in your own capacities equipping you with the awareness that even the most difficult things that worry you won't beat you if you don't give up.

Maria Paola

The solo journey has tapped a level of creativity that I did not know I had and listening and seeing the monologues of my fellow actors I see it has been the same for them. Laura’s input is taking me out of my head into my body and heart and from there to public performance for and to an audience.


The solo journey has enabled me to express ideas from my unconscious that I was not previously aware of, using the medium of drama. The process took me from a blank sheet of paper, through creating a monologue to performance. I've surprised myself. I think "Did I write that? Did that come out of me?"


I was most grateful to be able to take part in the Theatre Solo Journey. It helped me focus, to make a deep connection with myself, my surroundings and my enthusiasm at a time when it would have been very easy to feel lonely and aimless.  Although I was working alone at home, I felt deeply supported. I would highly recommend this type of journey as very valuable for anyone perhaps living alone and needing motivation, support and a sense of achievement and well-being

Age 71