A play based on testimonies.

I created a THEATRE PIECE based on testimonies for the 55 Anniversary of the Findhorn Community. I have interviewed 30 people willing to share a few stories with me and talk about their experience. People who lived in the community a long time, people who just arrived, people who belongs, people who don’t. I asked everyone the same 7 questions 1) “why did you come?”, 2) “what did you find here?”, 3) what you didn’t find here 4) can you share a reason of disappointment? 5) can you share an episode that summarize your connection with this community? 6) If you were God, what gift would you bring to the community for this anniversary? 7) if you were a painter who was commissioned a play with the title “Findhorn Community” what would you paint?
These testimonies have been recorded and used as an inspiration, some have been inserted in the play in full, but have always remained anonymous.
It has been a fascinating journey where the performers represented all the members of the community in a form of “mirroring” that transformed the audience in “witnesses”.
The “travelling within” that the rehearsal process offered took the participants deep, giving them the opportunity to serve the community in a different way: holding up a mirror to show who are, who we are not and inspire us to dream who we want to become. The rehearsals of a play is always an alchemic process.

I conceived the play as very visual and with not many lines.
We created images, using metaphors and movement. The work was based on my experience with Andrzeij and Teresa Welminski, Tadeusz Kantor’s former actors.

The performers mirrored the nature and the reality of the community.
I have involved a dramaturg and a composer as well.
The dramaturg was Lisa Capaccoli, specialized in choral staging and opera for children, Lisa is a writer and director.
The composer was Rolando Macrini who, in his career, trained and collaborated with contemporary theatre organisation La MaMa in New York.
The result was shown at the Universal Hall on 14th November.