An Ecoperformance is a human response to what is happening inside and outside of ourselves. Practicing this artistic form means using the instrument of theatre to respond to the inputs of the ecosystem in which we are immersed and interact with it.It means to use theatre to feel part of what surrounds us and regain the sense of identity that we lost over time. It means to become ecocentric. 

Here are our upcoming performances.

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The Red Ball

It is the story about a community, by a community and addresses the many challenges, the highs and the lows, the struggles and conflicts, the

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Here are our past performances.


A play based on testimonies. I created a THEATRE PIECE based on testimonies for the 55 Anniversary of the Findhorn Community. I have interviewed 30

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The Rememberers

by Laura Pasetti, Music by Rolando Macrini  THE STORY OF THE PLAY  Once upon a time in the present, a group of individuals are in

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