Welcome to our 2023 summer camp. Spend ten days in the north of Scotland exploring the nature and stories of this beautiful land.

Art and Nature intertwine leading us to rediscover who we really are.

We’ll go back to using theatre as it was thousands of years ago: a tool to understand human nature, a mirror through which to learn to become better human beings.

A documentary made from our 2020 summer camp

There will be ritual theatre, work with clay, circles around the fire and walks on the beach where the seals live, as well as theatre-dance, improvisation and acting. You don’t need to have stage experience, but even seasoned performers will have room to grow. Each participant will work according to their needs. Everyone will make an individual journey and at the same time will be part of a collective journey in which everyone’s resources will be available to the group. From writing to directing, creating scenes to acting, everyone will have a job. At the end of the camp, we will stage a small show for the inhabitants of the Findhorn ecovillage.

Doing ECOTHEATRE means using theatre to feel part of what surrounds us and to recover the sense of belonging to the Earth that we have lost over time.

We will be guests of the Findhorn Foundation, a training centre located in an ecovillage 45 km from Inverness and 120 km from Aberdeen airport: findhorn.org