What is the Theatre of the 7 Directions?

For so long we, humans,  have lived our life in a condition of separation from the rest of the planet (or the other-than-human world). We considered ourselves complete and defined who we are by our ego, our thoughts, our actions, our human relationships. We didn’t consider what appeared as “outside” of us as part of our being and we observed what surrounded us as detached from our Self. What if our Self was not limited to our human identity?  


Theatre of the 7 Directions aims to develop the ecological Self (the Self extended to our other-than-human identity) through artistic practices, hand-made ceremonies and theatrical experiences that draw from ancient theatre forms and disciplines. The stage is the place where we deepen our relationships with what is around us, the characters become the gateway through which we engage with all the facets of who we are, including the other-than-human world. 


This path is developed in 7 directions:  EAST, SOUTH, WEST, NORTH, ABOVE, BELOW AND CENTRE. Each direction represents the development and expression of one aspect of our identity.


We believe that by exploring the characteristics and qualities of each direction we can embrace our true Self and become “fully-aware human beings”: empowered, responsible and kind.


The 7 Directions are inspired by the concept of the Medicine Wheel, a framework of human development conceived by ancient cultures such as American Indian and Aboriginal, lately revisited by Carl Jung and more recently by eco-psychologists.


We offer educational programmes online and in presence to individuals and groups, tailoring contents according to their needs and intentions. 


In particular we focus on TEENS, ELDERS, TEACHERS, PARENTS and ARTISTS.